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what? johnlock? you mean John Locke, the 17th century English philosopher and Father of Classical Liberalism

*cries real tears* NO! johnlock is way more important!!


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Karen is a mother, wife, Google employee, art advocate, scrapbooker, photographer, educator, and blogger. She shares visuals and art created in part through her own life experiences.

Karen’s message is simple: Your life is worth sticking around for.

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We are so thankful to have the authentic you in this world. Please stay here with us. 

‘I am not average,’ she sobbed. ‘I am not average. I am not average.’ It was nearly a half-hour before the orderlies came and took her away.

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  • Me: okay time to do home-
  • UPD8: welcome back
  • Me: -stuck. Time to do Homestuck.

I had a dream about a cowboy movie last night and I woke up to write it down so I would remember
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I had a dream about a cowboy movie last night and I woke up to write it down so I would remember

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Matt Stone and Trey Parker have done more to make our generation crueler than nearly anyone else, because they can get away with it under the guise of “this is satire, duh”, not realizing that poorly-done satire only reinforces the cultural forces it is meant to mock. When 13 year-old-kids are watching South Park, they aren’t tuning in to the little infinitesimally small lessons supposedly being taught, they’re laughing at Timmy being severely disabled, they’re laughing at sexual harassment and child abuse, they’re laughing at people who have sex reassignment surgery.

And the “satire” is so often pathetically weak. There isn’t a single nativist in this entire country who can’t laugh at a “der takin er jerbs” joke, because those jokes don’t actually rebut or mock the arguments made by people opposed to immigration. It’s just saying a common political phrase in a funny voice. Is that how low the bar for “satire” has been set? There’s occasionally more effective satire on the show, but not nearly enough for it to be defended on its value as satire.

But if you try to explain anything I’ve said in this post to die-hard South Park fans, they’ll completely blow it off. They think that the fact the show upsets me simply means that the show has accomplished its purpose, never actually questioning whether or not that purpose is a worthy one. That’s why the show is so insidious: it wraps itself in this cynical layer of self-containment that prevents it from ever being pointed out for what it is: a detriment to the type of society that any decent person wants to see. South Park is far more dangerous than the Westboro Baptist Church, because South Park is something that people accept and defend.

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choosing college classes


- do I want to go to med school?
- can I go to med school and not be a doctor (I don’t want be doctor)
- what be med school? when do you even apply (I know nothing)- do I like Biology?
- do I like MCB or IB?
- what if I still want to major in Environmental Studies?
- do I like CogSci?
- Which of the 3 Calculus classes should I take to balance stress + math hatred with fulfilling ALL the requirements
- Should I take CompSci first or Intro to CogSci?
- Should I register for CogSci even if there’s a waitlist?
- Should I visit the campus to see an advisor or wait for email response?
- Why does the class selection program fail on MacBooks?
- Will I graduate in 4 years ?
- Which of the 30 fellowships should I join?
- Which of the 21940731095710 clubs should I join?
- dead

gonna be doing some extensive research tonight to answer these hopefully… this is only the beginning D:

crapolas it’s been more than a year! let me see if I feel any wiser by answering my own questions…

  • nope, don’t want to go to med school! Nursing is a maybe!
  • of course, there’s tons of medical research positions and radiology and stuff that doesn’t involve being a physician but still NOPE
  • it’s like college apps again timewise I think. doesn’t matter anymore!
  • I do like biology! it’s just time-consuming and means I can hang with friends maybe 2 hours in total per week. and not do anything else i like.
  • Still time to choose between the biologies.
  • there’s still time for enviro. also, MEB seems coolios, it integrates enviro and MCB all together!
  • Yes, Cog Sci is the bomb but it is so interdisciplinary! still in the picture.
  • lol took the hardest one and it’s over with now
  • Got into Cog Sci 10, loved the class and professor, got it taken care of. compsci is a maybe for now.
  • advisors are always handy either way
  • Classes are being selected just fiiiine
  • Mom might disown me, but Dad will not. a good percentage of students take more than 4 years, including my current TA and a friend i met in summer classes.
  • xroads is amazing.
  • well there’s a cappella for now but BP is great, TMC is great, and there are other fun ppls out there too! thinking about some arts magazine or doing dance, and then getting back to piano teaching, maybe poetry ~
  • haha she’s in my nutri sci 10 class now
  • feeling a little less dead


This water is VEGAN???? *spits it out* bring me some meat water you punk clown

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